Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale 2023: Get the Best Discounts and Offers!

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2023

Flipkart and Amazon are getting ready for their biggest sales events of the year as Diwali season draws near. Having said that, Amazon has now followed suit with its own set of dates and information, having already announced Flipkart’s future sale dates earlier this week.

The Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale 2023 banner is up and running, giving us a preview of the many discounts and offers that this massive sale event is going to provide. Yes, now is the ideal moment to get the appliance or device of your dreams.

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When is the Great Indian Festival on Amazon happening? What kind of deals can we expect from Amazon’s forthcoming 2023 sale? Continue reading to learn about all of that and much more from us in this guide!

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2023: Sale Dates

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2023

The sale date was not disclosed when the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale was launched a week ago. October 8, 2023, is when the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale will begin, just like the Flipkart Big Billion Days 2023 Sale.

We don’t currently have any firm information regarding the conclusion date of the Amazon Great Indian Festival. Given that the Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale ends on October 15, 2023, we can infer that the Amazon sale will expire at or around the same time.

Get Access to Amazon’s Great Indian Festival Deals Early

Amazon Prime customers enjoy a similar perk to Flipkart Plus members who may access its Big Billion Days offer one day early. Thus, Prime members will have access a day early, on October 7, 12:00 AM, since the Amazon Great Indian Festival sale begins on October 8, 2023. Additionally, Prime members receive extra perks like simple returns.

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2023

This is useful in the event that something goes wrong with the goods you deliver at sales events. But in order to do that, you must obtain an Amazon Prime Membership. Just so you know, the cost of an Amazon Prime Membership in India was increased a few months ago, and it currently starts at Rs 299 per month or Rs 1,499 per year.

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2023 Offers & Discounts

The Great Indian Festival 2023 page does not, in contrast to Flipkart’s microsite, disclose any information regarding the date of the sale or any discounts. On the other hand, we know exactly what kinds of offers we should expect to see.

There will be some really alluring savings on a variety of products, including computers, headphones, smartwatches, and smartphones. Most significantly, SBI Bank Credit and Debit cards will now be available with an instant 10% discount on all tech categories.

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2023

Now that you know roughly what to anticipate from every one of these categories, let’s take a closer look. Amazon has already made several offers available in a number of different product categories. We now know what to anticipate. Without further ado, let’s examine the top offers available during the sale event:

Best Amazon Great Indian Festival Laptop Deals

The Apple MacBook Air M1 will receive the largest discount when it comes to laptops. Furthermore, there will be significant price reductions for gaming laptops such as the ASUS TUF, HP Victus, Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3, and the recently released Acer Nitro V.

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2023

Additionally, as Intel is co-sponsoring the event, you may anticipate significant savings on laptops powered by Intel. The icing on the cake is that Amazon has already disclosed the costs of certain laptop deals. So grab a seat, and let’s look at the greatest discounts in advance of the impending sale:

Laptop Regular Price Offer Price
Apple MacBook Air M1 Rs. 81,990 Rs. 62,990
Acer Nitro 5 Rs. 99,990 Rs. 93,240
Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 Rs. 55,990 Rs. 51,240
Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 Rs. 72,793 Rs. 64,990
HP Laptop 15s Rs. 56,999 Rs. 49,990

Best Amazon Great Indian Festival Tablet Deals

As you continue, you will also see cheap versions of popular tablets including the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, OnePlus Pad, Xiaomi Pad 6, and Apple iPad Air. The discounted prices for these tablets have also been disclosed by Amazon. The following are the top tablet offers that will be available to you during the impending sale:

Tablet Regular Price Offer Price
Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Rs. 81,999 Rs. 70,490
Apple iPad Air 2022 Rs. 55,900 Rs. 46,740
OnePlus Pad Rs. 39,999 Rs. 35,749
Xiaomi Pad 6 Rs. 28,999 Rs. 25,749
Redmi Pad Rs. 15,999 Rs. 14,399

Best Amazon Great Indian Festival Mobile Phone Deals

First up, smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S23 is the driving force behind the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale, so you can anticipate significant savings on not just the Galaxy S23 series but the whole Samsung portfolio.

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2023

The OnePlus 11R and iQOO Neo 7 Pro, two other smartphones available only on Amazon, have both sold out this year. In addition, significant savings on iPhones could be anticipated. A number of flagship and low-cost handsets offer prices have also been made public by Amazon. Here’s a brief summary of the top offers available to you:

Mobile Phone Regular Price Offer Price
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Rs. 1,54,999 Rs. 1,34,499
Motorola Moto Razr 40 Ultra Rs. 89,999 Rs. 79,999
Apple iPhone 13 Rs. 59,999 Rs. 39,999
OnePlus 11R Rs. 44,999 Rs. 34,999
Honor 90 Rs. 39,999 Rs. 29,999

Not to mention, there will be a ton of offers for Amazon devices like the Kindle, Fire TV, and Alexa!