NYT Crossword Answer 05 October: Check Answers And Explanations

NYT Crossword Answer 17 October

The complete answer to the NY Times October 05, 2023, Crossword puzzle is shown below.

Across Clues-

 Big successHIT
 High court figure, at timesBAIL
 Unnerve, with “out”PSYCH
 Without real scrutinyATAGLANCE
 Where there is “too much singing,” per DebussyOPERA
 Open positions vis-à-vis potential applicantsJOBMARKET
 “Hamilton” collectionTONYS
 Oodles of LOTSA
 Lead-in to “by” or “Buy”BEST
 Fresh startRESET
 Emmy winner JohnTESH
 Paranormal aptitude, in briefESP
 Fillmore in “Cars,” for one BUS
 ___ tomatoROMA
 Eye pieceCORNEA
 Move like a caterpillarINCH
 Accident follow-upOOPS
 It’s supposed to end at midnight, but then it doesn’tTODAY
 Grammy winner BareillesSARA
 One who takes, takes, takesLEECH
 Capital founded at the end of the Viking ageOSLO
 Amazon domainETAIL
 “You have a point there”TRUE
 Peat or petrolFUEL
 Cheese found in Notre Dame?EDAM
 Senior ___ Championship (annual event)PGA
 Warner Bros. Discovery networkTBS
 TV’s “___ Blue”NYPD
 Brings down the house?DEMOS
 Costa ___, Calif.MESA
 Sean of “Stranger Things”ASTIN
 Cosa Nostra, popularlyMAFIA
 Knot without a struggleCLIPONTIE
 With 63-Down, period following the Jazz AgeSWING
 Something that might be taken in a museumAUDIOTOUR
 Arabian folklore figureGENIE
 Reindeer in “Frozen”SVEN
 What might elicit “Get a room!,” in briefPDA

Vertical Cues-

 Pilgrimage to the KaabaHAJ
 1988 Winter Olympian MidoriITO
 *Surfaces for some high rollersTABLESCRAPS
 *Quick-access rows of iconsBARSTOOL
 Canadian-born crooner PaulANKA
 Finish, as a cakeICE
 Resisted the urge to alterLETBE
 *Cook-your-own dishes in some Asian restaurantsPOTSHOT
 Pine (for)YEN
 “The Eagle ___ landed”HAS
 They’re regulated by the F.D.A.GMOS
 Dawdler’s responseLATER
 F1 neighborESC
 Not pay till the end, sayRUNATAB
 *Bureaucratic hassleTAPERED
 Prevails eventually ? or a hint to entering the answers to the six starred clues in this puzzleENDSUPONTOP
 How a sailor achieves a good work-life balance?SEALEGS
 Illegal deal in the music industryPAYOLA
 Vintner ClaudeMOET
 Part of the mouthROOF
 Stuff in a bunHAIR
 Move like or with the windSCUD
 *Mark of wisdom, some sayLINEAGE
 Part of 50-Across: Abbr.SYS
 Movement introduced by Tarana Burke in 2006METOO
 Cousins of agoutisPACAS
 Flawless, to a collectorMINT
 Savory additive, for shortMSG
 Speechless stateAWE
 Half a sawbuckFIN
 Sweethearts candy wordLUV
 Family planning option, in briefIUD
 See 64-AcrossERA

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