NYT Crossword Answer 06 October: Check Answers And Explanations

NYT Crossword Answer 14 October

The complete answer to the NY Times October 06, 2023, Crossword puzzle is shown below.

Across Rules-

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 Legal writer and political commentator ___ MystalELIE
 Form of attachment?PDF
 Take a big, daring leapBUNGEEJUMP
 Sign on a sofa in the front yard, maybeFREE
 Notices that trouble is in the air?SMOGALERTS
 City where the conquistador Pizarro was assassinatedLIMA
 What’s shaken after the instruction “Shake”PAW
 Preferential treatmentFAVOUR
 Boba ___ (“Star Wars” bounty hunter)FETT
 Time capsule eventsBURIALS
Simpson who was caught lip-syncing “Pieces of Me” on “Saturday Night Live”ASHLEY
The States, to Mexicans ELNORTE
Voiced displeasure, in a wayBOOED
Transportation for a bride?TRAIN
Keyboard abbr.ESC
 Parish priests, in ParisCURES
 Encircle, with “in”HEM
 Chloe Gong novel “___ Violent Delights”THESE
Skip Day participants: Abbr. SRS
 “Curiouser and curiouser!” speakerALICE
 Fabric made from wood pulpRAYON
 “Beat it!”GETLOST
 Divvy up by percentage of ownershipPRORATE
 Does some course work?MOWS
 Gets warmer, sayNEARS
 Hold upROB
 Noted example of oligopoly, in briefOPEC
 Expert with tipsADVICEGURU
 Nothing more thanMERE
 Experiment subjects, so to speak GUINEAPIGS
 U.S. agcy. tracking the most popular baby namesSSA
 Duel sportEPEE
 Perennial with yellow flower clustersTANSY

Vertical Clues-

 Recipe abbr.
 World’s sunniest city, per the World Meteorological OrganizationYUMA
 Saint Paul, Minn., radio station whose format really should be all newsKNOW
 Beat it!EGG
 Sushi bar appetizerSEAWEED
 Kick outEJECT
 Stand in the shadowsLURK
 “That’s on me”IMTOBLAME
 Some debut music projects, for shortEPS
 Spade, for onePRIVATEEYE
Part of a teacher’s job interviewDEMOLESSON
 They might drive you to a flightFEARS
 Give a liftELATE
 Distinctive styleFLAIR
 Much-desired spot at a concertFRONTROWSEAT
 Cut outFLEE
 Prefix with lateralUNI
 Basic training, for shortABCS
 Poor sport’s reactionSOURGRAPES
 Movie with saloon fights, colloquiallyHORSEOPERA
 Like good postureERECT
 Instruction on some packages THISENDUP
 Minor changeCENT
 Some holiday entreesHAMS
Auto Zone?LOT
 Blink of an eyeTRICE
 Friction, to a physicistFORCE
 Balls for teensPROMS
 Its state symbols include the white pine and the chickadeeMAINE
 Nikki Reed’s role in the 2003 film “Thirteen”EVIE
 Archaeological siteRUIN
 A.A.A., B.B.B., etc., informallyORGS
 Kind of signalBUSY
 Bit of biodataAGE
 Consideration for N.C.A.A. eligibilityGPA