NYT Crossword Answer 07 October: Check Answers And Explanations

NYT Crossword Answer 17 October

The complete answer to the NY Times October 07, 2023, Crossword puzzle is shown below.

Across Clues-

 Plot development with twists?HEDGEMAZE
 Enfants terriblesIMPS
 Detective in high-grossing films of 1984, 1987 and 1994 AXELFOLEY
 Glossed over?SLEEK
 Weapon now known as an LGM-118 Peacekeeper MXMISSILE
 Warmly welcomingHOMEY
 Swing state?MOOD
 “And that’s proof enough”QED
 Dir. from the Music City to the Motor CityNNE
 Not plugged inUNAWARE
 Sticks one’s neck out, perhapsEMERGES
 Anomalous figureOUTLIER
 “Toy Story 3” villain, for shortLOTSO
 “Forget about it!”NOCHANCE
 Club ___ Wan (where “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” opens) OBI
 “Forget about it!”BADIDEA
 Radio Hall-of-Famer Charlamagne ___ GodTHA
 Perfect square for the circumference of the piePIZZABOX
 Blood of the godsICHOR
 America’s longest-serving first lady, familiarly ELEANOR
 Fixtures at rodeos  BARRELS
 One who’s served admirally?NAVYVET
 2/19/45 invasion site, informallyIWO
 Neighborhood near Tarzana ENCINO
 Football datum: Abbr.INT
 Certain offshootSECT
 Driven, sayTYPEA
 Written in it this clue isYODASPEAK
 Arrived at by ballot ELECTEDTO
 Soldiers hardened by many battlesWARHORSES

Vertical Clues-

 Jon of Disney’s “Million Dollar Arm”HAMM
 Punish, in a way, as a YouTube creator DEMONETIZE
 Zero-emission aircraftGLIDERS
 Puff pieces?EFS
 House of worshipMOSQUE
 Weaver’s work?ALIENS
 Heroine in a legendary franchiseZELDA
 Setting for vitreous humorEYE
 Unofficial 1984 Olympics anthem ILOVELA
 ___ stock (speculative investment)MEME
 Liquor brand in a blue bottleSKYY
 Cat breed with American and Celtic lineagesSHORTHAIR
 A.1., for oneSAUCE
 Golfer’s selectionWOOD
 Employ the secret service?ELOPE
 Get wildly enthusiasticGOBANANAS
 Overwhelmed with detailsINTHEWEEDS
 Sound off on?ECHOCOLATE
 Sees through adolescenceREARS
 “Forget about it!”NIX
 From conceptionABOVO
 High-sided boatDORY
 Like “Duck Soup,” it’s said, among all Marx Brothers filmsZANIEST
 Refrigerator compartmentCRISPER
 Pub crawl and then someBENDER
 Develop a bond, sayATTACH
 Davis of filmVIOLA
 Make a lasting impression?ETCH
 “Wedding Bell Blues” songwriter LauraNYRO
 Figures in an audit, in briefCPAS
 Ring decisions, for shortTKOS
 Material for Voldemort’s wand and Robin Hood’s bowYEW
 Pou ___ (vantage point)STO

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