NYT Crossword Answer 09 October: Check Answers And Explanations

NYT Crossword Answer 14 October

The complete answer to the NY Times October 09, 2023, Crossword puzzle is shown below.

Across Clues-

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 Daddy’s daddyGRAMPA
Surrounded byAMID
 [It’s f-f-freezing!]BRR
 Add criticism to criticismPILEON
 K, in the NATO alphabetKILO
Lucy of 2000’s “Charlie’s Angels”LIU
 Vast South American watershedAMAZONBASIN
Tiebreaker periods, for shortOTS
 Get together to relax and socializeHANGOUT
Swedish furniture giantIKEA
Large country house in ancient RomeVILLA
Touch, as on the shoulderTAP
___ of ManISLE
NBC skit show since 1975, in briefSNL
 Coconut treePALM
Kitchen gadgetAPPLEPEELER
Clairvoyant’s gift, for shortESP
Sense of wonderAWE
“Facts ___ facts”ARE
Slightly crookedASKEW
Nietzsche’s superior man of the futureUBERMENSCH
Give upCEDE
Document displayed in a professional’s officeDIPLOMA
Food truck treat in a hard or soft shellTACO
 Wedding affirmationIDO
Many a new venture in Silicon Valley ? or a hint to 17-, 26-, 37- and 52-AcrossTECHSTARTUP
Moviemaking localeSET
Pennsylvania portERIE
They work with R.N.s in I.C.U.sMDS
 Bobcat, by another nameLYNX
Took a load offRESTED

Vertical Clues-

 Transcript fig.GPA
 Outer edgeRIM
 In the style ofALA
Agave-based liquorMEZCAL
Place for a cool dipPOOL
 Per ___ (yearly)ANNUM
 Letters before an aliasAKA
Minor snafuMISHAP
Related to a pelvic boneILIAC
 Disco queen SummerDONNA
Baseball hits that barely clear the infieldBLOOPS
Doing a crossword every morning, for manyRITUAL
Make noise like leaves in the windRUSTEL
 Firefly or ladybugBEETLE
Dirty buildupGRIME
Hosp. hookupsIVS
Cousins and suchKIN
Jazz singer FitzgeraldELLA
 Interferes (with)TAMPERS
 iOS downloadsAPPS
Swiss or Italian peakALP
 Vote of approvalYEA
 Arm bone beside the radiusULNA
 Oyster’s gemPEARL
 Puts in officeELECT
 Tool for fall cleanupRAKE
Exchange vows at the altarWED
Mama sheepEWE
Lifestyle that eschews clothingNUDISM
Followed, with “by”ABIDED
Bus stationsDEPOTS
 Aleve alternativeANACIN
 Sports resultsSCORES
Overnight option during a car tripMOTEL
___ board (need for a manicurist)EMERY
Contemptuous sort, in modern parlanceHATER
 Give in under pressureCAVE
 Wizard’s curseHEX
 Explosive inits.TNT
Put to workUSE
Pea containerPOD