NYT Crossword Answer 11 October: Check Answers And Explanations

NYT Crossword Answer 16 October

The complete answer to the NY Times October 11, 2023, Crossword puzzle is shown below.

Across Clues-

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 Propped open, sayAJAR
People of northern ScandinaviaSAMMI
Ballerina’s supportBARRE
 Output of the Rolling Stones, appropriately ROCKMUSIC
 Real tear-jerker?ONION
 Bit of pork, but not in a congressional bill ANDOUILLE
 Confident gaitSTRUT
 Pen nameBIC
 Gets old, saySTALES
 Forever and a dayAEON
 Airline once acquired by Carl IcahnTWA
Stuff it!PEPPER
Something that’s red-hot in the kitchen? CAYENNE
Saloon sipALE
Great divideCHASM
Garlic, in GuadalajaraAJO
Slyly derisiveSNIDE
Personal quirkTIC
Emanates (from)ISSUES
 Hot spot for a chefOVEN
Stick in a salad?CELERY
Mai ___TAI
Nut once used as an ingredient in CokeKOLA
“Oh, settle down ?” NOWNOW
N.Y.C.’s ___ Cortlandt ParkVAN
 “Stranger Things” kidLUCAS
What pales in comparison to other carbs?WHITERICE
Fitting way to invest in Campbell’sSTOCK
Paramedic, perhaps LIFESAVER
Test of patienceDELAY
Risked a ticket, saySPED
Three feetYARD

Vertical Clues-

Many an Omani or IraqiARAB
Musical MitchellJONI
Current choiceACDC
One of the Big Five film studios of Hollywood’s golden ageRKO
Romantic hopefulsSUITORS
Narnia lionASLAN
George Eliot’s “The ___ on the Floss”MILL
 Beverage that can cause brain freezeICEE
Logan Airport codeBOS
Marvel role for Paul RuddANTMAN
Nickname for RihannaRIRI
Fat/flour mixtureROUX
Suffix with differENT
Suffix with differMUSEE
 Eye afflictionSTYE
 Yummly, SideChef and Food MonsterAPPS
Does rite by one’s partner?WED
Guiding principleETHIC
Cook in simmering liquidPOACH
Cuisine with [circled letters], whose ingredients are the answers to the italicized cluesCAJUN
Ancient Egyptians referred to it as the “plant of immortality” because of its ability to survive without soilALOE
 Respected figureELDER
 Sheet mineralMICA
 City where 29-Down food is popular, informallyNOLA
 Largest human organSKIN
Moved (over)SCOOTED
New York home of Cornell University ITHACA
Cary of “The Princess Bride”ELWES
Cary of “The Princess Bride”KNIFE
 Smartphone buttonMUTE
Environmental sci.ECOL
“Wise” onesOWLS
 Beat into a froth, as creamWHIP
 “___ Las Vegas”VIVA
 Laptop brandACER
 Alternative to mushroomsLSD
Place for pie, idiomaticallySKY
Word after alpha, beta or gammaRAY