NYT Crossword Answer 12 October: Check Answers And Explanations

NYT Crossword Answer 14 October

The complete answer to the NY Times October 12, 2023, Crossword puzzle is shown below.

Across Rules-

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“She Bee Stingin’” athlete LAILAALI
Answer to the riddle? I have one bow but no arrows. What am I?? ASHIP
H.S. course for College-KreditAPGERMAN
New York county that’s home to Binghamton BROOME
 Scholar’s mug collection? YEARBOOK
Run (to) AMOUNT
Groans equivalent to eye rollsOYS
Sugar apple, by another nameSWEETS
 Grade just above average CPLUS
 ___ SchwarzFAO
 Angle symbol, in trigonometryTHETA
What a cryptid might beHOAX
 Ones doing some heavy lifting before retirement?JACKS
 “___ ready as I’ll ever be”IMAS
 Spinning speed: Abbr.RPS
1974 John Wayne movieMCQS
Gentlemen of Verona, in England SIGNORS
Choose TFOR
One favoring imitation over innovation METOOER
 “Succession” airerHBO
Lamar who played for the 59-AcrossODOM
“Is it just ___ is it hot in here?”MEOR
Good field for a smooth talkerSALES
Brief British P.M. ___ TrussLIZ
 Donna ___, “The Goldfinch” authorTARTT
Unrestricted auditionENCALL
 [It’s cold in here!]BRR
MX-5 roadsters, e.g.MIATAS
N.B.A. team with a 1980s “Showtime” era LALAKERS
 Baby eelsELVERS
Covert missions … or what’s covert in eight of this puzzle’s answers BLACKOPS
 Navigates a slippery slope, in a waySLEDS
 China and environsEASTASIA

Vertical Clues-

Put (down)LAY
Tennis champion SwiatekIGA
 Gaston who wrote “The Phantom of the Opera” LEROUX
Restaurant chain named after its founders, the Raffel brothersARBYS
“Famous” cookie guyAMOS
Mekong Valley languageLAO
 Key part of a cephalopod’s defense mechanism INKSAC
15th-century headgear for a knight ARMET
 Common aloe descriptorSOOTHING
 Sorority chaperone HOUSEMOTHER
Captcha test affirmationIMN
Document that may contain a microchip number and a veterinarian’s signaturePET
 Modern loveBAE
Pans that sound like strollsWOKS
X and YCHR
 Dosed oneselfPOPS
Like the cleanup crew at closing time, typically LASTTOLEAVE
Doc to consult when confusedFAQ
Retail apparel giantJCREW
Low in the pastureMOO
 “Just ___ with it”ROLL
Candy dispensed with a “nod” of the headPEZ
Words repeated in the title of a Doris Day hitWILLBE
Pre-euro currency of Finland MARKKA
Leaves damagedSCARS
It might be a lotTRACT
Panama’s Gulf of San ___BLAS
 Mobile home: Abbr.ALA
Morning glory goddessEOS
Campus in Troy, N.Y.RPI
 27- or 55-Down backwardSSA