NYT Crossword Answer 17 October: Check Answers And Explanations

NYT Crossword Answer 17 October

The complete answer to the NY Times October 17, 2023, Crossword puzzle is shown below.

Across Clues-

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 Highland garment outlawed by the Disclothing Act of 1746KILT
Disorderly pileHEAP
Paris subwayMETRO
It’s just a thoughtIDEA
Deathly paleASHIN
S, in Morse codeDOTDOTDOT
 Sharply hurtSTUNG
Friend of TarzanAPE
Puzzle in a children’s activity bookMAZE
Opposite of paleo-NEO
Priestly vestmentALB
Nickname that sounds like two letters of the alphabetARI
Chipped away atERODED
 Emphatic challenge DOUBLEDOGDARE
That’s a wrap!SARI
 Japanese audio brandAIWA
 Covers, as a country roadTARS
 Bell ringer’s prank DINGDONGDITCH
 “Kiss From a Rose” singer SEAL
 Middle: PrefixMESO
Casual office occasions DRESSDOWNDAYS
Irish name variant derived from John SHAYNE
New Haven-to-Hartford dir.NNE
Free spot, in briefPSA
 Lead-in to meterDECI
Cleared one’s plate, sayATE
 Feminine aspect of the masculine personality, in Jungian psychologyANIMA
Modern manufacturing device ? or you, when answering 17-, 31-, 39- and 46-Across?3DPRINTER
Home of the Inca TrailPERU
Coldplay’s “___ la Vida”VIVA
Drawn-out military attackSIEGE
Itchy hands, for the arrival of money, supposedlyOMEN
Throw forcefully, in modern parlanceYEET

Vertical Clues-

Poke funKID
 Promising wordsIDO
 Tennis callLET
“And there you have it!”TADA
Wade through a book just to trash it, maybeHATEREAD
Thematic element in 2023’s “Oppenheimer”ATOM
 Pocket picked at lunch?PITA
Car whose emblem is a trident MASERATI
Contractor’s guess: Abbr.EST
Crack after a boltTHUNDERCLAP
Soprano FlemingRENEE
 “My word is my bond,” informallyONGOD
October birthstoneOPAL
Last of 26, in CanadaZED
Intros to many YouTube videosADS
 Laundry units LOADS
Absolutely inundated with work, so to speak BURIEDALIVE
 “Play it by ear” and “all ears,” e.g.IDIOMS
Spoke grandly ORATED
Like computer code BINARY
Struggles to swallow GAGSON
Daniel who led a 1786-87 rebellion SHAYS
Arizona city that hosts the Fiesta BowlGLENDALE
One behind, in baseball DOWNARUN
Intelligence org.NSA
“You get it?”SEE
___ pot (receptacle for clearing nasal passages)NETI
Saigon’s counterpart, onceHANOI
 11-time sci-fi role for Anthony Daniels C3PO
The same, in LatinIDEM
 Sin represented by John Doe in the movie “Se7en”ENVY
 Ryan of rom-comsMEG
Opposite of post-PRE
Impossible result in a World Cup finalTIE
Night beforeEVE