NYT Crossword Answers and Insights for October 18: Uncover the Solutions and Explanations

Nyt Crossword Answer 18 October

The NY Times crossword problem for October 18, 2023, the complete solution may be seen below. Joseph Gangi wrote this problem, and Will Shortz modified it.


Rent in the garment district? RIP
Tuna type AHI
Amount on an invoice FEE
Nickname for a young Skywalker ANI
The Great Depression, for one ERA
Get in a twist CONTORT
Foosball apparatus ROD
“Ladies and gentlemen, you are about to witness something extraordinary that has never been seen or attempted before!” (go to 34-Down) FORTHEFIRSTTIME
Get out of a tangle UNTIE
“Charlotte’s Web” monogram EBW
Yoga posture ASANA
Unit of doubt, so to speak SEED
Relating to city life URBAN
Twisted tangle KNOT
Name seen going down the drain? EDDY
Drum type SNARE
Camila Cabello’s “Never Be the ___” (2018) SAME
Get more, say REORDER
Kind of belt BIBLE
Patrick on the 1992 Dream Team EWING
Name that translates as “people of the standing stone” ONEIDA
Divine or digital representation AVATAR
Declares STATES
“Groom and board” locale PETSPA
Vegetarian’s demand NOMEAT
Bio and chem student’s program, perhaps PREMED
“The spell is cast! Don’t blink or you’ll miss it ?” (go to 15-Down) ABRACADABRA
Bulldoze RAZE
Not as well ILLER
Pepper and others: Abbr. SGTS
Sheltered from the wind ALEE
Bet more than RAISE
Bird revered by the Maori KIWI
Modern initialism when skipping text TLDR
What a server may “serve” EMAIL
Recycle bin on a desktop, e.g. ICON


Garbage REFUSE
Straightened (out) IRONED
Like some hair and seas PARTED
Hunger (for) ACHE
Chopping tool HOE
Hell of a poem? INFERNO
Overfamiliar, in a way FORWARD
Hosp. sections ERS
James of jazz ETTA
Grande of pop ARIANA
“So, so delish!” NOMNOM
Brainstorm IDEATE
Visual representation of this puzzle’s trick (go to 38-Down) TIBBAR
Considerable, as a sum TIDY
Sounds of disapproval TSKS
Application USE
Lily Potter, ___ Evans NEE
Sunfish with colorful gills REDEAR
Echo effect REVERB
Cap’n’s mate BOSN
Smitten with INTO
“You will experience a great and unexpected surprise!” (go to 48-Across) BEAMAZED
Miller offering LITEBEER
Participate in an aquatic sport WATERSKI
“Presto!” ITSMAGIC
Back of the neck NAPE
___ school GRAD
Rogers’s co-star in “Top Hat” ASTAIRE
Tailcoat, vest and bow tie, e.g. APPAREL
Stop talking, with “up” CLAM
Inter ___ ALIA
Relating to the Indian subcontinent DESI
Tell (on) RAT
___ too easy ALL
Transgress SIN


The order of appearance for each clue is followed. Open the hint link to see all of our potential solutions if the answers below don’t solve a certain puzzle. New York Times crossword puzzles are entertaining and difficult to complete. The Daily NYT Puzzle can be extremely difficult to solve at times.

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