NYT Crossword Answers and Insights for 06 November: Uncover the Solutions and Explanations

NYT Crossword Answers

Below is the complete solution for the NY Times crossword puzzle from November 06, 2023. Will Shortz edited this problem, which was written by Desirée Penner and Jeff Sinnock.


Daytime dramas, informally SOAPS
Insects with a sting WASP
Singer/songwriter Tori AMOS
Symbol accompanying the words “This side up” ARROW
“So funny!” HAHA
“Huh-uh” NOPE
Musical speed TEMPO
Beagles have big ones EARS
Go right or left TURN
Travel papers for those just passing through TRANSITVISAS
Director Spike LEE
That woman SHE
Home for Tolkien’s Bilbo and Frodo HOBBITVILLAGE
Tirana’s country: Abbr. ALB
South Dakota governor Kristi NOEM
___-mo (film effect) SLO
Acting hastily RASH
Steal from ROB
Dull-colored DRAB
Stretch of history ERA
It can leap more than 40 times its body length FLEA
Spanish gold ORO
Home workout selection CROSSFITVIDEO
Back in time AGO
Sigh of satisfaction AHH
“Knight Rider” car TRANSAM
Where your eyes might stay during a suspenseful scene ? or the only place you’ll find the “eyes” in this puzzle GLUEDTOTHETV
Engrossed RAPT
“Still mooing,” as steaks go RARE
Greek deity associated with passion EROS
And others: Abbr. ETAL
Answers to invitations, in brief RSVPS
“___, meeny, miney ?” EENY
Annual athletics award ESPY
Blank look STARE


Took a chair SAT
Gold in them thar hills, e.g. ORE
Take up weapons ARM
Built-in can opener POPTAB
Officially inaugurated SWORNIN
“Anytime” WHENEVER
Some Energizer batteries AAAS
High-pitched and piercing SHRILL
Delicate hues PASTELS
Prefix with body or social ANTI
Creamy dessert MOUSSE
Longtime show host known as the “Queen of All Media” OPRAH
Levelheadedness SENSE
About ASTO
Meat for schnitzel VEAL
Leave too long on the grill, maybe CHAR
“Damn Yankees” gal LOLA
Abates EBBS
“Ta-ta!” IMOFF
To whom a prayer is directed GOD
That woman HER
In a carefree way BLITHELY
Towel holders RODS
Appropriate missing letters in _c_ _ _ge AREA
Opposite of bust BOOM
Highway ROAD
Its wood is used in making archery bows ASHTREE
“To be,” to Henri ETRE
Bitmoji likenesses, e.g. AVATARS
Shopper’s clipping COUPON
Newly weaned piglets SHOATS
Be an angel? INVEST
Are of the same mind AGREE
Blinding driving hazard GLARE
Amazon Handmade competitor ETSY
Hazard in golf TRAP
Latin eggs OVA
“Fresh Air” airer NPR
NNW’s opposite SSE


The order of appearance for each clue is followed. Open the hint link to see all of our potential solutions if the answers below don’t solve a certain puzzle. New York Times crossword puzzles are entertaining and difficult to complete. The Daily NYT Puzzle can be extremely difficult to solve at times. You can always rely on our crossword player community to help you out with puzzle solving, so keep our website bookmarked or in mind when you need a little assistance. You can find the solutions to earlier New York Times crossword puzzles that have been released in recent days or weeks in addition to today’s puzzles.

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