NYT Crossword Puzzle for September 10, 2023: To Help You Finish It Up!

Below is the complete solution for the crossword puzzle from the NY Times published on September 10, 2023.


Chat chuckle LOL
Less than one’s best, in sports lingo BGAME
___ Stadium, the venue with a cushioned acrylic surface that is the largest of its type in the world ASHE
Wholesale MASS
Inits. associated with accessibility ADA
Submitted after the deadline INLATE
Some ring finishes, for short TKOS
___ research, source of “dirt” on a political rival OPPO
Dickens clerk BOBCRATCHIT
Formidable-but-awesome behavior BADASSERY
It comes out on top LAVA
Family name in folk music GUTHRIE
Parts of some choral arrangements? RISERS
Boosler was the first woman to have an hour-long comedy special on cable TV ELAYNE
Big name in healthcare AETNA
What a sleepy head might do NOD
Stagger REEL
Dentist’s command OPEN
“That sucks” UGH
Composer Strauss, the brother of Johann JOSEF
“Glass Onion” director Johnson RIAN
Homeland Security concerns USBORDERS
Cry stressed on its second syllable AHA
Purpose POINT
Bygone auto inits. REO
Present-day auto inits. BMW
Pharaoh who founded Egypt’s 19th dynasty RAMSESI
“Get out!” BEGONE
Things settled over drinks BARBETS
Shakespearean verb DOTH
A head PER
Mums’ mums NANS
___ cloth (sandpaper alternative) EMERY
They’re laid in Australia EMUEGGS
Gas whose name comes from the Greek word for “foreigner” XENON
The common first word for an infant DADA
Taxpayer’s ID SSN
Lose one’s balance? GOBROKE
Hebrew greeting SHALOM
“It’s a thumbs down from me” IVOTENO
“O patria ___” (Verdi aria) MIA
Metropolis with a Little Havana neighborhood MIAMI
Major ref. OED
Mineral used in glass production SILEX
Texted shrug IDK
Photographer’s setting FILMSPEED
Grps. that liaise with superintendents PTAS
Fermented drink from Russia KVASS
Embargo BAN
Bird embodied by the Egyptian god Thoth IBIS
Cells are covered in it, in brief BIO
Studio Ghibli genre ANIME
Trickster SLYFOX
What some emails, checks, and balls do BOUNCE
Wholesale IN TOTAL
Jane says “I need not sell my soul to buy bliss” EYRE
The classic game of bluffing LIARS DICE
Feature of some sweatpants ELASTIC BAND
Puts together ADDS
Brown, for one IVY
N.A.A.C.P. and A.C.L.U., for two NGOS
Component of a beekeeper’s suit MESH
Stuffs with bacon fat, say LARDS
Caustic cleaner LYE

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Titration station LAB
Something typically found in a barnyard ODOR
Lead-in to delivery LABOR
Hunt-and-peck types? BIRDSOFPREY
Chewed (on) GNAWED
Meeting spot for a union ALTAR
Company that owns Bloomingdale’s MACYS
Neighbor of Djibouti: Abbr. ETH
In check ATBAY
Reggae forerunner SKA
Early victim of identity theft? ESAU
Israel’s Dayan MOSHE
Photographer’s setting APERTURE
Suddenly appears, with “up” SPRINGS
“And, uh, that’s what happened” SOYEAH
“Come On ___” (1982 hit) EILEEN
Michael who was knighted in 2000 CAINE
Related thing TALE
Substitute STANDIN
Face ___ VALUE
Noggin NOB
Containing graphic content, say RATEDM
Diamond imperfection? ERROR
Vaccinated, to Brits JABBED
“Wowza!” OHMAMA
Seethed SAWRED
Parts of drinking or reading glasses RIMS
Access points INS
Express some intense emotion SOB
Goal that sends a game into overtime EVENER
Bit of cereal OAT
CVS competitor RITEAID
Make more powerful, with “up” SOUP
Series segments, informally EPS
Five-time winner of the Copa do Mundo BRASIL
“Love It or List It” airer HGTV
Inability to recall the names of everyday things ANOMIA
Restriction on some wedding invites NOKIDS
Running kicks? SNEAKS
William Phelps ___, inventor of the stop sign and the crosswalk ENO
Henrik Ibsen play GHOSTS
Motion-sensing Microsoft gaming devices XBOXKINECTS
Literary character who transforms into an insect SAMSA
Backyard toy that attaches to a hose SLIPNSLIDE
Some hair products GELS
Busy time at a cafeteria ONE
Small towns HAMLETS
“Calvin and Hobbes” character based on “every jerk I’ve ever known,” per Bill Watterson MOE
___ Maria TIA
Bite-size Tex-Mex snack MINITACO
Enlighten EDIFY
Elle or Dakota of Hollywood FANNING
Slippery sort EEL
Resolution units PIXELS
Flashcard words VOCAB
Leave high and dry BAILON
Snoozefest BORE
Not easily accessed BURIED
Conventions MORES
“Ooh, that’s bad” YEESH
Iraqi city near the Tigris and Euphrates BASRA
Peripheral OUTER
Amazon’s domain ETAIL
Lambert or Levine of pop ADAM
Sin that sounds like two letters ENVY
Many ’90s music purchases CDS
Code of the world’s busiest airport ATL
Stain, maybe DYE

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