NYT Crossword Puzzle for September 9, 2023: To Help You Finish It Up!

Below is the complete solution for the NY Times crossword puzzle from September 09, 2023.

Many opera villains, traditionally BASSES
Top-notch GRADEA
Latin for “last” ULTIMA
Clipper’s bounty COUPONS
Political subject of the 2018 memoir “Nino and Me” SCALIA
Thieves who targeted pedestrians, in historic parlance FOOTPADS
Some futuristic personal transports HOVERBOARDS
Piddling amount SOU
Square EVEN
Suss (out) SNIFF
Dance move done in a prone position, with “the” WORM
Sports bar fixture, in brief LEDTV
Like some tests TRUEFALSE
Time for self-care MEDAY
Half sister of Meredith Grey on “Grey’s Anatomy” LEXIE
Prepare to put in storage, in a way BOXUP
Worked steadily at PLIED
Kvetches MOANS
Opening day? CHRISTMAS
Some neighborhood mischief, informally TPING
Choice for checkout LANE
First coed and racially integrated college in the South BEREA
Old concert halls ODEA
___ mission ONA
Branch of study that challenges heteronormativity QUEERTHEORY
Some client arrangements ACCOUNTS
Grounds MOTIVE
Temperature units in physics KELVINS
Has the stomach for ABIDES
Like a Lothario SLEAZY
Complimentary NOCOST

The order of appearance for each clue is followed. Open the hint link to see all of our potential solutions if the answers below don’t solve a certain puzzle. The crossword puzzles from the New York Times are entertaining and hard to solve. The Daily Puzzle might be extremely difficult to solve at times.

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Apple quantity BUSHEL
Spot to curl up with a book, maybe ALCOVE
Fended (off) STAVED
Art form accompanied by a theater organ SILENTMOVIE
Title that shares an etymology with “admiral” EMIR
Onetime Scandinavian exports SAABS
Family man? GOODFELLA
Monotonies RUTS
Starter, for short APP
Help out, informally DOASOLID
“So many ___. So little know” (proverb) ASSUME
Vacation destination in the Ionian Sea CORFU
___ cakes (cupcakes, in the U.K.) FAIRY
Coming up next ONTAP
Is windy, perhaps WAXESPOETIC
Makes cross VEXES
Bit of deception FEINT
Unwanted discovery under the bed DUSTBUNNY
Clingy type? BARNACLE
Fake person POSER
Church part near the altar CHANCEL
Certain zebras MARES
Attire for Count Dracula and Doctor Strange CLOAKS
Gets with MEETS
Overexcited volunteer’s response IDOIDO
Whim-whams NERVES
Superlatively buoyant GAYEST
Universal self of Hinduism ATMAN
Pepper with questions, say QUIZ
___ bag (purse type) HOBO
Monthly releases? OVA

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