Expert Travel Guide to Cuba: Cuban Rhythms and Cultural Riches!

This Cuba travel guide is routinely updated to make sure it stays one of the most complete and current overviews on traveling to the Caribbean Island of Cuba, especially in light of political changes and tourism laws. Cuba is renowned for its world-class cigars, contagious street music, classic Cadillacs, and crumbling pastel-painted homes.

On the surface, traveling there is every sound and hue of Caribbean beauty. Underneath all of that, Cuba is an island unlike its neighbors, torn apart by the Communist government and outdated social structures that make travel challenging.

Travel to Cuba, a subject of intrigue and media frenzy, is now possible throughout the entire island, as opposed to just its centers of beautiful beaches and nearby cities. People are quite perplexed by the entire Cuba situation. Obama first opened the doors to tourism in 2014, but Trump swiftly shut them again in 2018.

How to Get a Tourist Visa for Cuba

Check With the Airline if a Visa is Included

How to Travel to Cuba

Currently, a visa is not required to travel to Cuba; in most circumstances, the cost of your plane ticket includes a visa. Before you depart, confirm with your airline or travel agent. Despite not being a part of a package holiday, WestJet provided me with a free visa slip for my trip from Toronto. That came after paying £15, as a precaution, for a Cuba visa at the London embassy.

Visa and Passport Requirements for Cuba

With just one entrance, the tourist card visa allows you to visit Cuba for a total of 30 days. Your passport must be valid for at least two months after the date of your departure, but I usually advise being extra cautious and making sure it is current for at least six months.

Along with the reservation for your initial lodging at your arrival location, you should also have documentation of your return flight from Cuba. We had an email confirming our reservation for a casa with us when we arrived in Varadero, just in case. We added this address to the visa application.

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Destinations in Cuba: Where to Go

How to Travel to Cuba

Havana, Varadero, Vinales, and Trinidad are popular tourist destinations for first-timers. With several transportation choices, it is usually simple to travel to these nearby Havana locations.

We Planned to Travel All Around Cuba, and It Got Tricky

We were hoping to catch a bus from Varadero that traveled eastward along the National Throughway towards Santiago de Cuba. That would be the quickest path across the nation, and over the course of four weeks, we would go back, making stops at various locations.

Few Options for Tickets and Transportation

We struggled for days to purchase bus tickets to Santiago de Cuba while we were at Varadero. That implied that we wouldn’t even be able to purchase a ticket to Santa Clara along the route, from whence we might easily travel to Trinidad and Cienfuegos before continuing east.

Your Travel Plans to Cuba May Alter Frequently

We abruptly changed to a different bus route that would transport us from Varadero to Trinidad and Cienfuegos. Then, when it was time to leave Trinidad and head farther east, we were unable to board a bus. We were informed that in order to get to Santa Clara, we would need to go back to Cienfuegos.

How to Travel to Cuba

We discovered a solution with the assistance of residents who experience these frustrations. We used a taxi to travel to the neighboring Sancti Spiritus, where we boarded a different bus headed for Santiago de Cuba.

How Much Does Travel in Cuba Cost?

Although Cuba is socialist, high pricing is enforced throughout the nation, and tourist prices and capitalist commercialism are in place for visitors, making it relatively pricey. It’s contradictory, but you shouldn’t think that just because Cuba is communist, it must be less expensive.

Previously, all-inclusive vacationers would swarm to Cuba’s seaside resorts, but over time, a disorganized and exorbitant price structure has emerged everywhere. Although backpacking in Cuba is more expensive than it is in Asia, it is still affordable provided you keep a strict eye on your spending.

How to Travel to Cuba

I spent €1500 in a single month, plus €700 on internal flights from Toronto to Cuba and €700 on round-trip tickets from Europe to Canada. We spent $50 a day on average in Cuba for food, lodging, and entrance fees.

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Is Cuba Safe to Visit?

Even for independent travelers, traveling in Cuba is regarded as secure. Being aware of your surroundings will help you avoid common street crimes like pickpocketing and fraud. The only rude people we’ve ever encountered were seasoned street urchins who became combative when we declined their requests.

Dealing with the opportunism you will experience as direct interference is more important for maintaining your safety in Cuba. There are no specific guidelines for visiting Cuba, but you should always make sure you are well-prepared for any trip there by following the recommendations provided by your foreign office.

How to Travel to Cuba

It’s always advisable to go with a knowledgeable guide if you intend to visit remote areas of the island, especially on long excursions. Be sensible and avoid nighttime street walking in dimly lit areas. Keep to the center of Havana if you plan to remain out late because police are frequently present there.

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