Love Is Blind JP Girlfriend: Romance With The New Girl In 2023 And All About His Ex-Taylor Rue| Who Is Taylor Rue?

love is blind jp girlfriend
Love Is Blind JP

On Netflix’s Love is Blind, Jared Pierce, also known as JP, is a 32-year-old firefighter. During season five, he was one of three engaged couples. The initial pair to become engaged in season five was JP and Taylor Rue. Their same humor and life views brought them together. The early days of their engagement were the only time their connection lasted, though.

Love Is Blind JP Girlfriend

While JP is always proud to display the American flag to us, he is not as successful in showing off his woman. Who JP is dating at the moment is unknown. “She is very understanding and incredibly lovely. Her interests are football and dogs. We just have fun, and she’s incredibly grounded,” he remarked. We’re having so much fun laughing and giggling at each other. JP mentioned how the experiment and his bond with Taylor have both contributed to his own development.

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Love Is Blind JP Girlfriend

He stated, “As a result, I’m more receptive to the entire communication thing.” He added, “It’s a little easier to be able to open up.” I can be myself with her because I trust her. We simply support one another as she gives right back to me. It was confirmed in an episode of The Viall Files that JP has been seeing someone for nearly a year by Love Is Blind Season 5 castmate Izzy Zapata, in case you’re searching for receipts on this relationship.

Izzy really stated of JP, “He comes from a good spot.” His intentions are good. It seems to me that Season 5 is showing a tendency toward his needing to improve the way he presents his ideas. We provide subpar deliveries. JP should expose his girlfriend to us shortly, hopefully. Netflix currently offers streaming for Love Is Blind Seasons 1 through 5.

JP And Ex-Taylor Rue

The Love Is Blind pod team from Season 5 got back together for the reunion special and gave us an update on their current relationship statuses and their crazy year and a half of travels. Jared Pierce, also known as JP, was present along with his ex-fiance, Taylor Rue. Recall that JP and Taylor were the first couple in the pods to become engaged. In addition, they were the first pair to separate.

JP And Ex-Taylor Rue

Taylor said that she wasn’t getting anything from JP when they traveled to Mexico to celebrate their engagement. JP was merely there in the video that we viewed, while Taylor spoke the entire time. When he finally spoke, it was to express his dislike for Taylor’s appearance after applying cosmetics, which naturally infuriated her and infuriated most of the women in attendance who wore makeup.

Love Is Blind Season 5

On September 22, the fifth season of Netflix’s well-liked dating show, Love is Blind premiered. It attracted another twenty-eight people looking for love. Of them, only six remained on the show by the end of the fourth episode. At least five engagements were often shown in previous seasons, and occasionally not all of the engagements were shown. Nevertheless, just three couples chose to become engaged in the program this time.

 Love Is Blind Season 5

After that, the three couples traveled to Mexico to spend a romantic holiday at the Grand Velas Riviera Maya. Since the first season, the show has not returned to this location before. Only three couples were certain enough about their feelings to continue with the experiment, despite the fact that viewers watched participants like Uche Okoroha and Johnie Maraist connect, cry, and discuss unexpected things in the show’s private dating chambers.

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