State Level Selection Committee

State Level Selection Committee is constituted by the State Government for a period of three years by notification in the Official Gazette consisting of the following members:

  • A retired judge of High Court as the Chairperson to be appointed in consultation with the Chief Justice of the High Court concerned;
  • One representative from the Department implementing the Act not below the rank of Director as the ex-officio Member Secretary;
  • Two representatives from two different reputed non-governmental organisations respectively working in the area of child development or child protection for a minimum period of seven years but not running or managing any children’s institution;
  • Two representatives from academic bodies or Universities preferably from the faculty of social work, psychology, sociology, child development, health, education, law, and with special knowledge or experience of working on children’s issues for a minimum period of seven years; and
  • A representative of the State Commission for Protection of Child Rights.


The Chairperson and members of the Child Welfare Committee and members of the Juvenile Justice Board are appointed by the State Government on the recommendation of the Selection Committee.