Sponsorship is the provision of supplementary support, financial or otherwise, to the families to meet the medical, educational and developmental needs of the child. The State Government is mandated to make rules for the purpose of undertaking various programmes of sponsorship of children, such as individual to individual sponsorship, group sponsorship or community sponsorship.

The criteria for sponsorship includes the following:

  • where mother is a widow or divorced or abandoned by family;
  • where children are orphan and are living with the extended family;
  • where parents are victims of life threatening disease;
  • where parents are incapacitated due to accident and unable to take care of children both financially and physically.


The duration of sponsorship may be prescribed by appropriate authority on case to case basis. The sponsorship programme may provide supplementary support to families, to Children’s Homes and to special homes to meet medical, nutritional, educational and other needs of the children, with a view to improving their quality of life.